What To Wear When Travelling To Dubai?

If its your first time visiting Dubai, you might be really about what clothes to pack for your trip. On one side you might be aware that its an Islamic country and naturally, you’d be required to wear modest and respectful attires. On the other side, Dubai is showcased as a high end fashion and travel destination in movies where people are shown wearing everything you might wear in Australia or the USA.  Well, thats the beauty of Dubai. It is a high end fashion destination with expats from all over the world but it is also traditional and conversation in its own way.


So here are some tips on what to pack for your Dubai trip.

What’s best for the heat?

Dubai has a hot climate and the residents like to dress up so, you can do a little more than plain casual. Shorts, Two piece prom dresses, you can wear all of that in Dubai. But, too much cleavage or shorts that barely cover the buttocks are frowned upon. You can wear swimsuits and all the super short stuff at the beach or within the hotel/resort property. So, all the amazing beach wear you bought from online clothing boutiques in Australia can find a place in your luggage.

You need to dress modestly, but that doesn’t mean you have to cover yourself from head to toe with clothes. Dubai is modern and you will find people dressed similar to people of any other big-modern city. So for the hot climate, you can wear anything from dresses, knee length skirts, crop tops with high waist pants, and even a two piece prom dress if you want to!


What to wear in public places?

Shopping malls in Dubai have dress codes, so its best to avoid being in a situation where a security guy asks you to cover up. Most often, they expect you to wear knee length clothes and your shoulders should be covered. While visiting souks or bazaars in old Dubai, away from tall buildings with shinny doors and windows, its best to dress modestly. You must avoid bare shoulders, cleavage, back or midriff. All the hot dresses you bought from online boutique stores can be utilised in the hip hotels and clubs of Dubai.


What the locals wear in Dubai?

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city where majority of the population consists of expats from all over the world. covering your head with a head scarf is a matter of choice. The black robe that the women wear is called the Abaya and the white one for men is called the kandora. The locals wear these attires with pride and not because they are forced to. You will find that the local women there are quite glamorous. Designer clothes and bags is their every day outfit. They favour high heels, jewellery and they absolutely love make up.

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